Discover How Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise PPM Release 8 Can Help You

With the introduction of Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Release 8, customers have been asking us lots of questions on how a 100% web-based project management solution benefits them. Join The Simplex Group for a free 90-minute webinar that will cover the differences between R8 and previous versions and explore the new capabilities. If you are an experienced Primavera user wanting to stay on the cutting edge or if you are considering switching to the Primavera platform and just curious about what’s new, this webinar will be very valuable.

Learn about new features of Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Release 8, including:

  • Enhanced customizable workflow
  • New project templates
  • 100% web based project portfolio management solution for all stakeholders
  • Modern open enterprise architecture
  • Integration with Oracle ERP, BPM, BI Publisher, P6 Analytics, UCM, UPK and others
  • Improved web-based reporting capabilities
  • Risk management within P6
  • Mobile support and more!

Ensure alignment of strategy, execution, and results

  • Eliminate unnecessary approval/decision delays
  • Easily provide realistic status and value reporting to stakeholders and regulatory bodies
  • Remove obstacles to efficient decision making and business performance

Easily extend project and portfolio management enterprise-wide

  • Ensure availability of people, skills and resources to take on more work
  • Customize and scale the applications to meet the needs of the various roles, functions and skill levels involved with the project
  • Enable fluid, end-to-end communication for individual insight, team productivity, and project success

Achieve repeatable program and project success

  • Reduce the risk of cost and schedule overruns
  • Identify major risk factors and the effect of contingencies on costs and timelines
  • Easily adjust portfolios and project plans when things change and immediately assess the resource impact
  • Optimize management of all resources for maximum ROI
  • Quickly identify and deploy the most qualified and available people to project work
  • Delivery quality projects and programs with fewer resources
  • Create achievable and actionable risk-adjusted, resource optimized plans

Enterprise-wide Project Portfolio Management

  • Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management 8 is a robust, powerful and easy-to-use solution for globally planning, prioritizing, managing and executing projects, portfolios and programs.
  • New capabilities within Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management 8 enable organizations to:
    • Leverage application-wide user experience enhancements to increase adoption and deliver complete visibility into projects;
    • Align PPM processes with organizational goals and strategies through business process automation, project templates, flexible consumption of PPM data and the consistent application of PPM best practices;
    • Provide standardized templates and reporting to ensure consistent performance and forecasting metrics; and
    • Reduce risk and increase client and customer satisfaction by consistently achieving project commitments; and
    • Optimize resource management through performance and scalability enhancements, expanded event capabilities, and a streamlined architecture that is easier to implement.