Learning the Basics of Primavera P6 Professional

What you will learn

Get your first project up and running quickly in P6. You’ll learn how to start a new project schedule by creating activities, relationships, calendars, and baselines, and by optimizing your project plan. We also discuss Best Practices of collecting updates and developing schedule reports.

This course uses P6 Professional Project Management (PPM), Primavera’s Windows-based, client/server application. It is appropriate for those using P6 PPM—either as a stand-alone application, or as part of P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Mangement (EPPM).

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Learn To

  • Navigate P6 Professional
  • View an Enterprise Project Structure (EPS)
  • Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Develop a project schedule
  • Understand Activity Types
  • Assign relationships and constraints
  • Perform a forward and a backward pass
  • Understand float
  • View the schedule log report
  • Optimize the schedule and create a baseline
  • Status activities
  • Format schedule output for reporting progress

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  • Planner/Schedulers
  • Project Managers
  • Project Administrators

Suggested Prerequisites

  • Getting Started with Primavera P6 Professional
  • Basic knowledge of project management principles

Course Outline

Understanding P6 Data and Navigating

  • Describing Enterprise and Project-Specific data
  • Logging In
  • Opening an Existing Project
  • Opening and Customizing Layouts

Creating a Project

  • Navigating in the Projects Window
  • Viewing Project Details

Creating a Work Breakdown Structure

  • Defining a Work Breakdown Structure
  • Creating the WBS Hierarchy

Adding Activities

  • Describing an Activity and its Components
  • Describing Activity Types
  • Adding Activities
  • Assigning Calendars

Creating Relationships

  • Viewing a Network Logic Diagram
  • Relationship Types
  • Creating Relationships


  • Performing a Forward and a Backward Pass
  • Describing Float
  • Viewing the Schedule Log Report


  • Create a project
  • Enter the WBS for the Project
  • Add Activities to the Project
  • Add Relationships
  • Schedule the Project

Optimizing the Project Plan

  • Analyzing Schedule Dates
  • Shortening a Project Schedule

Baselining the Project Plan

  • Creating a Baseline Plan
  • Displaying Baseline Bars on the Gantt Chart

Project Execution and Control

  • Describing Methods for Updating the Schedule
  • Using Progress Spotlight
  • Statusing Activities
  • Rescheduling the Project

Formatting Schedule Data

  • Grouping Activities
  • Sorting
  • Filtering


  • Optimize the project
  • Baseline the project
  • Update the schedule
  • Reschedule the project

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