Primavera Online Training: Self-paced On-Demand

On Demand Training - Cropped ResizedSelf-paced On-demand Training gives you the same comprehensive course content as our instructor-led training sessions, delivered by the same Oracle University-certified Primavera experts. Our instructors are recorded while delivering hands-on training, so it’s just as if you were in a room with them—plus you can rewind and re-watch. You’ll have access to your lesson(s) for one year from the date of purchase. Since you determine when you’ve completed a lesson, there are no PDUs/CEUs or completion certificates associated with this training format. Plus after you’ve viewed any of our recorded lessons, you’re eligible to schedule a live one-on-one tutoring session with a certified Oracle University training instructor via Web meeting, for an additional fee. View your videos for one year from purchase date, at $75 per lesson. Or subscribe with your team!

How Does Self-paced On-demand Training Work?

  • Instructions are e-mailed to each trainee
  • Students are each provided with a link for accessing the necessary Primavera software, or they can practice using their own installed Primavera software
  • For an additional fee, trainees can schedule a separate one-on-one session with an Oracle University-certified instructor, to ask questions

What Is the Primavera Online Training Experience Like?

You may be wondering how Online Training differs from an in-person experience. How better to explain than to show you a sample lesson? Preview a portion of a Primavera P6 module. Whether you choose an Instructor-led Online or On-demand Online option, this is the level of training you can expect.

Benefits of Self-paced On-demand Training

  • Substantial travel-cost savings
  • Training from Oracle University-certified Primavera experts
  • Use of your own computer setup for the duration of the class
  • Ability to rewind and re-watch

Find the right courses for you

Don’t know what version of Primavera P6 you are using? Are you using Primavera P6 PPM? Most users are using the P6 Professional client, which is a Windows-based application installed on your desktop. The project database can either reside on your desktop, or on a server in your network. Some companies use third-party software to remotely access the P6 Professional client application. If you are using the P6 Professional client, then the P6 PPM training track is appropriate for you. The training curriculum is appropriate for any version of P6–including versions 6, 7, and 8. Browse P6 PPM Video Library

Are you using Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM? The primary interface for Primavera P6 EPPM is Web-based, and you access it through a Web browser once you’re connected to the Internet. If you are using P6 EPPM, you’ll have a URL to launch the login page for Primavera P6. When you log in, you are presented with Dashboards of project and portfolio information. Browse the P6 EPPM Video Library

What You’ll Need

  • Computer (laptop or desktop)
  • High-speed Internet access (LAN, DSL, cable)
  • Internet browser

Have a team to train on Primavera?

Now you can sign up for corporate on-demand training subscriptions. Train all of your employees on Primavera effectively and conveniently—no matter what time zone they work in. Maximize your investment in Primavera by providing recorded training to your employees to watch any time—even as a review after they’ve completed live, instructor-led training in Primavera. All plans include access to every video in every library.

Plan 1: Group

3-5 trainees for one year


Plan 2: Corporate

6-10 trainees for one year


Plan 3: Enterprise

Unlimited trainees for one year