Primavera Training FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register for a public class and pay with a PO or a check instead of paying with a credit card?
We’d prefer that you use our online registration system and pay for your training with a credit card. If your organization would like to request that we make an exception to this policy, please contact us at
Do I have to travel in order to attend a public class?
No. We understand that travel can be both inconvenient and cost-prohibitive. That’s why all of our public classes are available online (only). Students anywhere in the world can attend our training sessions by using the latest Web-conferencing technologies. It’s almost like being there in person. All you need is a phone, a computer, and an Internet connection. Details
Do you offer public classes in person?
No, all of our public, instructor-led classes are delivered online. But we do offer private training in person.
How do live, instructor-led online classes work?
Here are all the details.
At what time will my live, instructor-led class start, and when will it finish?
Almost all of our instructor-led classes conducted online are held from 9:30 AM to approximately 5:30 PM ET. We take an hour-long break for lunch, and there are also short mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks. The exception is Getting Started with Primavera P6 Professional, which is a half-day course taught from noon to 4:00 PM ET on scheduled dates.
Will you send me a printed training manual for my live, instructor-led class?
No, you’ll receive your training materials by e-mail.
Can I print the training manual you’ll send me for my live, instructor-led class?
To attend a live, instructor-led class, do I need to have the Primavera software application installed?
No, we provide access to the software during your training class.
With your On-Demand videos, is the training hands-on?
No, the videos are view-only. But with On-Demand training, you’re eligible to schedule a private follow-up session with an instructor.
With your On-Demand training videos, will I get a completion certificate?
No, since you determine when you’ve completed a lesson, there are no PDUs/CEUs or completion certificates associated with this training format.
With your On-Demand training videos, how many times can I watch my lesson?
You’ll enjoy unlimited viewings for one year from purchase.
With your On-Demand training, can I download my video to view offline?
By default we use video streaming to display the content of our lessons. If your company’s policies do not allow you to stream video, please contact us to make other arrangements.
To do your On-Demand training, do I need to own a Primavera P6 license?
No, you are not required to have the Primavera software application installed; however, we recommend it.
In your On-Demand training, is the sample data available for my use, for practice?
Yes, we can provide the training data for you to import into your instance of Primavera.
With the corporate subscriptions to your On-Demand training, if one of my employees leaves the company, can I reassign his or her license to someone else on our team?
With Custom Courseware training, can you deliver the class using our own instance of
Yes, we recommend setting up remote access for us, so that we can use screen shots.
With Custom Courseware training, can you use our own project data in the
Yes, we will need a real-life project to use.
With Custom Courseware training, after you develop the training materials can we use them to train our employees, ourselves?
With Custom Courseware training, after you develop the training materials can we use them to train our employees, ourselves?
With Custom Courseware, after you develop our training materials can we modify them later–for example, after upgrading to new versions of Primavera–to keep our manuals up to date?