Oracle Primavera Contractor

Primavera Contractor is an affordable solution specifically built for contractors that makes scheduling, reporting, and progress planning simple. As a contractor, the ability to build an effective schedule that everyone on your project can understand and use is crucial. Primavera Contractor allows you to continually communicate and provide accurate and up-to-date reports to the project manager as necessary throughout the project to ensure you get paid on time.



Primavera Contractor was built to get you planning and scheduling immediately – right out of the box. With easy and intuitive navigation, you will begin planning and controlling your project faster than Add activities quickly and easily, drag and drop activity bars to add constraints or modify your plan, and still take full advantage of Critical Path Scheduling. Interactive, flexible PERT and Gantt charts make it simple for general contractors to communicate with the client as well as other designers and contractors. Future Period Bucket Planning enables Planner/Scheduler to enter a custom distribution, or spread, per resource or role assignment, to model resource requirements in a way that truly reflects how the work is planned and performed. With Primavera Contractor, planning the work and managing changes is quick and easy.


  • Plan and manage small to mid-sized projects
  • Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling and resource leveling
  • Assign resources to tasks and track progress
  • Produce project reports and graphics
  • Perform baseline schedule and cost comparisons
  • Imports and exports Primavera P6 project formats


  • Plan and schedule projects quickly and easily
  • Control budgets, changes, and estimates at completion to ensure a successful project delivery
  • Easily share project information with Oracle’s Primavera P6 Professional Project Management
  • Allocate resources to activities using distribution curves to accurately reflect how the work is performed.
  • Communicate status to general contractors, subcontractor, owners and other project team members via customizable graphics and industry standard reports.
  • Easily compare your baseline budgets to the actual costs and work performed while maintaining independent versions of cost to complete estimations.
  • Create unlimited “what-if” scenarios to explore alternatives

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