As a group of architecture, engineering and construction project experts working together, we’ll help your project team build a foundation for success–from contracts through closeout.

Our collaboration will support yours, enabling you to:

Contract Development

  • Assess and analyze risk.
  • Mitigate exposure proactively and continuously.
  • Draft and negotiate comprehensive project contracts and documents.
  • Implement agreed-upon policies and procedures with a custom action plan.
  • Create a contract user’s guide that’s project-specific and thorough.
  • Consult regularly with a Project Advocate to re-assess and re-analyze risk, avoiding litigation whenever possible.
  • Protect stakeholder interests in the case of a dispute.

Project Controls

  • Forecast project developments, rather than recording events, with strong solutions for planning, scheduling, estimating, budgets, cost control and material expediting.
  • Develop comprehensive, smooth review-and-approval processes that utilize technology appropriately and skillfully to reduce cycle times.
  • Collect and review useful and relevant project data.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date project information.
  • Check in frequently with a project controls expert to identify and examine your project’s problems, and to find solutions.

Internal Document Management

  • Capture your organization’s data according to individualized, long-range, high-level standards, using methods that proactively code for efficient retrieval.
  • Filter and de-duplicate internal data based on custom requirements.
  • Review electronic information via the data-management software of your organization’s choice.
  • Undergo on-site collection of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) in the case of a dispute requiring eDiscovery, to minimize disruption of business.

Web-based External Collaboration

  • Connect all project participants online so they can collaborate without the costs and delays of travel.
  • Streamline reviews-and-approvals, eliminating delays and cutting costs.
  • Reduce risk exposure with automatic auditing of revisions, ball-in-court requests, and responses.
  • Notify collaborators of changes automatically, so they can focus on their areas of expertise rather than chasing down information and people.
  • Secure private information through a neutral platform.
  • Rely on seamless interoperability, configuration, training and support.
  • Archive automatically, to incorporate Best Practices as standards and build on your successes.