We observe.

As their advisors, we see the challenges that our clients in the architecture, engineering and construction industry face.

  • Critical processes are encumbered by lengthy review-and-approval cycles and a lack of built-in accountability.
  • Passing paper documents among multiple parties on a project creates printing and shipping expenses and delays, and increases vulnerability to risk. Circulating electronic documents generates legal and procedural uncertainties.
  • Project information resides in various companies’ business systems, burdening hard-copy and electronic storage repositories.
  • Formal document-management systems are rigid and companies typically use a small portion of available functionality.
  • Each project is managed according to a different set of standards and guidelines.
  • Project participants face a steep and expensive learning curve, having to master various systems and methods.

We know.

There’s a better way. Our experience has shown us that anticipating and mitigating risk exposure proactively reduces costs, increases efficiency and sets up a project for success. Leverage our skills, Lessons Learned and Best Practices to create optimal conditions.

We deliver.

PRM Team is ready. We’ll work with you and your project team to help you benefit from our expertise and innovation in contract development, project controls, internal document management and Web-based external collaboration.