You’ve chosen to implement Oracle Primavera because you’re streamlining your project management process. Why not increase your efficiencies even more and engage Simplex to host your Primavera solution?

Simplex is a one-stop source for software purchases, consulting, and hosting. By using Simplex for all of your Primavera needs, you can trim your total cost of ownership by reducing your need to interact with more than one vendor. And we’re not really vendors in the traditional sense, anyway. We at Simplex consider ourselves your partners—because our success depends upon yours.


Invest in what matters to you: your bottom line.

You’re probably not in the software consulting and hosting business, but we are. We’ve already invested in top-of-the-line hardware for hosting our clients’ Primavera solutions. You could make those investments and commit the human resources and budget to hosting it yourself, but why? We already have it right here, along with the expertise you need to keep everything running the way you need it to.

We do it all, automatically.

If you’re considering asking Simplex to host your system, that means we already understand your system—because we developed it. It’s easy for us to guide you through tech issues, administer the application, add users, and make configuration changes as your application evolves. Our involvement means that your IT group can concentrate on making sure everything else in the organization is working correctly.

Our Cloud Infrastructure is scalable to fit any situation:

  • Simple sign-on
  • Easy integration
  • Federated services
  • Top-level disaster recovery
  • Quick, flexible user scaling
  • Effortless usage reporting
  • “CIA-Secure” outside vendor access


Easier Project Management Solutions

Project management software is our life. Not just providing applications, but a total package of expert implementation, hosting, security and support. We wake up each morning to make your job simpler and a heck of a lot more efficient.

As the leading company in our field, we’re driven to create solutions that are easier to deploy and implement than anything on the planet. We constantly push ourselves to boost your productivity and give you a higher return on investment. And we deliver it all through an easy-to-use access portal. It gives you complete control and assures fast adoption of your new software by every member of your team.

In short, we streamline your software decision-making and bring the right answers the first time around–all of which is good for you, your team and your bottom line.

Flexible Solutions Made Easy

We don’t just load you up with project management software, and then abandon you to do the rest. We do it differently.

We custom design each software suite to your specific needs. Then we give you industry-leading service and support, using living, breathing human experts–all with 24/7/365 reliability. And all without draining your internal IT resources. We even offer role-based products that customize our solutions to the exact needs of each team member.

Imagine getting total project control through a single, easy-to-use Web portal. That’s just what you get with our Springboard Portal. It lets you manage and fine-tune your entire project right from your laptop; and link dozens or hundreds of thousands of team members together at once.


We help you select and deploy world-class project management applications quickly, easily and without the need for psychiatric help.


Our dedicated Products and Services Division helps accelerate your implementation and training process from Day One. That means that your software–and your people–will get up and running in nothing flat.


The world is your oyster. Our Web-hosted software and project management controls are easily accessible from anywhere around the globe.


The Simplex Group’s enterprise-level security measures are automatic and run seamlessly in the background while you relax and get on with your job.


Prepare for unbelievably high levels of support, 24/7/365. Anytime a question arises, consider it handled.


Benefits of Primavera Hosting:

  • Deploys applications quickly
  • Lets you update and share information on the fly
  • Gives your teams vault-like, secure access
  • Reduces dependency on internal IT Department
  • Provides 24/7/365 support — both live and online
  • Handles easy cost control and scheduling

Primavera application hosting gives you total software access and control, any time and anywhere. With just a few keystrokes, you and your team share the most up-to-date reports and project data possible. It all resides on our reliable, secure network, not on your private internal system. What you get is easier, more robust delivery of information, security, service and support.

What problems does Application Hosting solve?

Low efficiency and reduced productivity are your project’s two worst enemies. Our Web-hosted solutions help you take charge of both with ease and simplicity. We help project managers make better, more informed decisions, leading to better results and lower costs.

  • Project managers get instant access to the most current project data.
  • Contractors and partners can access real-time information on the fly.
  • All team members are on the same page at any given time.

Other Benefits

Our hosted solutions boost your team’s performance and effectiveness quickly and effortlessly. It’s like adding an IT staff specifically to support each and every project you take on. With Primavera Web hosting, your global teams are backed by 24/7/365 software support and service–not to mention a security system more robust than you’ll find behind most corporate firewalls.

Simplex gets you started by making four “impossible” promises:

  1. No capital investment: There’s no equipment to buy, or infrastructure to build.
  2. No deployment issues: Simplex handles everything, taking pressure off you and your IT department.
  3. No security concerns: Your data and access are continually safe because our system is completely automatic and runs seamlessly in the background at all times.
  4. No support headaches: We do it all so your IT team doesn’t have to (even if they had the time!).

We deliver on these promises 100% of the time. No matter what.



Imagine security that the Secret Service would envy.

Simplex is known for simple, easy-to-use project management hosting and software. But did you know that we also make security better and easier? That’s because we designed it to be completely automatic, and to run seamlessly in the background at all times.

Your critical project management data is protected 24/7/365, yet still allows effortless access from anywhere in the world. Our secure systems and Customer Solutions Teams make sure of that by monitoring and countering security threats every minute of every day.

Simple security is spelled C-I-A.

Requiring no effort from you or your IT staff, we exceed the requirements of most Fortune 500 corporations and government organizations. We adhere to ISO: 17799 standards, which provide best-practice recommendations for information security. Our information security is defined by these standards in three areas that make up CIA:

1. Confidentiality

Information is accessible only by those you authorize. Our multi-layered security system not only defends our network from hackers, but also keeps them from gaining information about your projects, networks and systems.

2. Integrity

We safeguard the accuracy and completeness of information and processing methods. We protect your data’s integrity against user corruption and disasters by maintaining a complex system of data backup and media recovery.

3. Availability

We make certain that authorized users can easily access data and assets whenever required. We guarantee 24/7/365 access by housing our server and networking equipment exclusively in Class-A data center facilities.

The Ultimate Security Wrapper

Our Web portal provides an airtight security wrapper around your entire project management software enterprise, controlling authentication protocols for all applications. We custom configure the portal to meet all standards required by your security team.

Get started today.

Whether you’re a current Primavera customer, or you want to get started on improving your efficiency and profitability through better project management, send an email or give us a call today at 800-847-7539. We can show you how to make the most of your options.