Simplex has been helping organizations streamline their project management systems since 1984. Our breadth and depth of experience across a variety of industries means that we’ve seen—and conquered—a diverse array of complex challenges.

We understand if you already have the resources you need to manage your system on your own after purchase, but most of our clients value our unparalleled implementation expertise (and the savings that come with it).

Software alone won’t solve the problem.

Purchasing an Oracle Primavera solution might seem like a logical answer to your organization’s project management problems. But software all by itself won’t guarantee success. And simply implementing the software isn’t even the first step.

Where should you begin?

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What We Do

Simplex supports our customers’ needs by providing certified Oracle Primavera professional services:

Real-Life Successes

GE Energy Power Conversion

Challenge: GE Energy Power Conversion, with €1,093 M in sales, needed to streamline every aspect of its operations and allocate its resources more efficiently, so the management selected Oracle® Primavera as an enterprise solution. They hoped to manage everything through Primavera—proposals, customer-driven projects, field service projects, and more. By consolidating all of the company’s project information into one easily accessible system, the management team hoped to eliminate the overwhelming number of spreadsheets and other documents that created informational clutter and took up too much of everybody’s time. The only problem with implementing a Primavera solution, however, was that nobody in the company had the expertise necessary to get the system up and running quickly and efficiently.

Solution: Simplex guided the company on Primavera implementation. We helped them define processes and procedures to determine how people would use the system, and we further refined each user’s responsibilities and explained them through a customized training program. With our help, the company was able to begin using Primavera quickly to reduce its project cycle times, to maintain adequate staffing on each project, and to meet customers’ time and budget expectations.

Constellation Energy

Challenge: Constellation Energy, a $14.3B energy company that had been using a traditional Windows-based Oracle® Primavera project management system for years, decided to upgrade to a new version of Oracle® Primavera to take advantage of the latest Web-based tools. The company sought to make it easier for its project teams to access information so that they could react more quickly. But the company didn’t know how to begin going about the upgrading process; nobody on staff knew how to develop the dashboards or necessary modules to make the system work for them.

Solution: Simplex offered expert guidance on upgrading the company’s project management system. We helped them create a developmental roadmap so that everybody understood where the company was in its improvement journey, and then we used the information to determine which processes and procedures would change after the technology upgrade. We worked closely with the core team to redefine processes and design training sessions for all end-users (including contractors); we also developed a process to bring contractors into the online collaborative process to manage schedule development.

West Virginia University

Challenge: A West Virginia University facilities management department had been using Oracle® Primavera SureTrak to oversee its construction schedules. Department procedures required contractors to submit resource and cost-loaded schedules to the university so that the university could determine whether the contractor could complete the project on time. SureTrak was a useful tool for this purpose, but unfortunately, Oracle® discontinued SureTrak.

Solution: Simplex helped the university upgrade to Oracle® Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM), which consolidated all of the facilities management department’s project information into one easily accessible system. The department was able to standardize its procedures across the board, and quickly produce the reports needed to ensure performance and visibility on high-level projects.

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