For New Primavera Users, Expert Advice.

As Oracle Primavera Value Added Resellers, Simplex helps project-intensive organizations like yours to maximize the performance of their project management systems. We don’t just sell software; we work closely with you to set up and configure Primavera so that it works the way you need it to.

Unlike other sellers, we remain involved after your purchase to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your investment. We’re experts, so we know the ins and outs of Primavera. We apply best practices analysis and implementation techniques to maximize your productivity and get you up and running quickly.

Discover How Productive Your Organization Can Be.

The Simplex Discovery Workshop is a customized approach to identifying your needs and determining how to configure Primavera to meet them. Our consultant will meet with your core team to listen; we’ll learn about your requirements, analyze them, and present a project plan that will maximize your return on your investment.

The complimentary workshop is our highly customized methodology for ensuring that your Primavera implementation goes off quickly, without a hitch. By engaging seasoned Primavera professionals to plan your implementation, your organization gains more than time and budget efficiencies; you also gain the assurance that the system will work right, right away.

What To Expect

The Simplex Discovery Workshop is flexible yet rigorous. We’ll begin by learning about your organization and its goals, and we’ll move on to making recommendations based on our extensive industry experience. When it’s all over, you’ll have a written plan for implementing Primavera for peak efficiency—faster than you could have done it yourself, without over-committing your internal resources or interrupting your normal business routine. Your report will include:

  • An analysis of your needs based on your industry, organizational structure, project volume, and more
  • A discussion of your organization’s goals and how Primavera will help you meet them
  • Recommendations for specific Primavera products and modules, tailored to your unique needs
  • An implementation schedule and resource allocation recommendations to ensure proper Primavera installation
  • A list of recommended workflow and procedural changes to get your organization using Primavera seamlessly and quickly
  • Training recommendations to ensure quick compliance for maximum efficiency

Ready to Get Started?

The sooner you learn how to use Primavera to improve your efficiency and profitability, the sooner you’ll reap its benefits. Give us a call at 800-847-7539 or fill out the form on this page to schedule your Simplex Discovery Workshop—and get ready for a more productive tomorrow.