Apr 17 2012

Discover How Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise PPM Release 8 Can Help You

I missed your April 12 Webinar on Primavera P6 EPPM Rel 8. How can I catch up?

You’re in luck! We recorded this valuable, 60-minute presentation and demonstration, so you can still benefit from our expertise and experience. Please visit our Webinar page, in order to view/download the video. What will you learn?

There are new features–such as enhanced customizable workflow, new project templates, 100% Web-based project portfolio management for all stakeholders, modern open-enterprise architecture, integration with Oracle ERP, BPM, BI Publisher, P6 Analytics, UCM, UPK and others, improved Web-based reporting capabilities, risk management within P6, mobile support, and much more!

P6 EPPM Rel 8 also helps your team to ensure alignment of your strategy, your execution, and your results–by eliminating unnecessary approval/decision delays, by easily providing realistic status and value reporting to stakeholders and regulatory bodies, and by removing obstacles to efficient decision-making and business performance.

You’ll easily extend project and portfolio management enterprise-wide–helping your people and resources to take on more work; customizing and scaling applications to meet the needs of the various roles, functions and skill levels involved with your project; and enabling fluid, end-to-end communication for individual insight, team productivity, and project success.

By achieving repeatable program and project success, you and your team will reduce the risk of cost and schedule overruns; identify major risk factors, as well as the effect of contingencies on costs and timelines; easily adjust portfolios and project plans when things change, and immediately assess the resource impact; optimize management of all resources for maximum ROI; quickly identify and deploy the most qualified and available people to project work; deliver quality projects and programs with fewer resources; and create achievable and actionable risk-adjusted, resource-optimized plans.

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