May 08 2012

Automatic Scheduling in Primavera P6 Rel 8.2

In P6 Rel 8.2, how do I set my Scheduling Option to schedule automatically?

P6 Rel 8.2 does not have the option to schedule automatically in the scheduling options. Instead, there is a new feature called Schedule Preview. Once this is selected, it will “automatically schedule” your project so that you can see results; however, the project is not really scheduled until you actually save the changes and schedule the project.

To turn on the Schedule Preview, from the Activities Window; click on the Actions menu and select Run, Schedule Preview or click on the icon If you do not want the changes you have made, click Cancel, or when you click Schedule you will be prompted on whether to keep the changes or not.

To turn Schedule Preview off, click on the Actions menu, and select Run, Schedule Preview or click the icon again.

The Schedule Preview icon is disabled if more than one project is open or if you do not have the Schedule project privilege for the open project.

If you are using a view that contains Filters, you will be prompted to remove the filters when you try to activate the Schedule Preview.