Our History and Approach

Recently celebrated by The Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence at the University of Pittsburgh, The Simplex Group, Inc. is a professional services company working with organizations on the selection and implementation of technology solutions which conquer the challenges they face. At Simplex, we help our clients determine their strategic business objectives, and we recommend and deliver project management and Web-based collaboration solutions which will help achieve those goals. Our solutions include software, consulting, training, Cloud productivity, application hosting services, and staff augmentation.

Since 1984, Simplex has worked with numerous customers spanning various industries to deliver project management solutions, and we have observed a need for better collaboration among members of our clients’ teams. We don’t view collaboration as simply storing information and documents in a central repository–although that’s a start. By collaboration, we mean also creating a logical electronic flow of critical information that empowers users to work together efficiently and effectively.

In order to add value, information must be more than available; it has to be managed proactively. If timely reviews and approvals of documents are critical to the success of a project, for example, then the process by which those documents are circulated should be streamlined and standardized, using communication methods such as e-mail which are in everyday use by team members, and document forms–such as Microsoft® Word, Excel, and portable document format (PDF)–which are familiar and intuitive.

That’s why we created VPO, a secure, Web-based workspace that project stakeholders use to view and privately publish up-to-date information, and measure progress, while streamlining cumbersome processes that commonly diminish success on architecture, engineering and construction projects.

As both an Oracle® partner and a Microsoft® partner, Simplex is uniquely positioned to offer comprehensive advice and guidance on successful collaborative project management. In addition, we’ve partnered with three other architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) project consultants from complementary areas of expertise in order to deliver comprehensive, collaborative advice and support for project teams–from contracts through closeout.